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Regional Training Workshop in Asia and the Pacific: Sustainable Development and Disaster Risk Management Using E-Government
25-27 March 2015
Incheon, Republic of Korea

Short Biographies of Speakers

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List of Participants

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Opening session

  • Opening remarks: Dr. Jong Soo Yoon, director of UNOSD.
  • Opening remarks:Mr. Jae Hong Lim, director of UNPOG.
  • Keynote speech:- The Post-2015 Development Agenda: Stocktaking of the Process , Mr. David Leblanc, Senior Sustainable Development Officer, DSD/UNDESA.
Session 1: Sustainable Development Agenda and ICT

Session 2: Knowledge platforms and knowledge sharing for sustainable development

Day 2 thematic presentation

Session 3: Collaborative governance for disaster risk management

Session 4: Country experience

Summary of the sessions

Following the progress and limitations of the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, which will formally come to an end in 2015, a new process for defining the post of 2015 Sustainable Development Agenda was initiated. In July 2014 the Final Proposal of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals laid the foundations for the framing of the post of 2015 Sustainable Development Agenda by defining 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 associate targets. While the process of defining the SDGs, associated targets and indicators will be only be finalized in September 2015 by one of the largest consultations in history, it is important for e-government specialists and Asian CIOs to be aware of the post-2015 Sustainable Development agenda. Moreover, the recent explosion of information and knowledge on Sustainable Development related topics, as well as the (relatively) new technologies associated to information and knowledge sharing and dissemination (big, linked and open data, Semantic Web, Web 2.0, social networking) make these stakeholders potential contributors to a better management of knowledge and information and increase of collaboration and reduction of duplicated efforts.

With a view to divergent experiences and varying levels of e-government development in the Asia Pacific region, UNPOG and UNOSD will organize training workshop for e-government and disaster risk management to promote sustainable development: i) to discuss about the new and emerging trends and main challenges of the post of 2015 Sustainable Development Agenda, knowledge sharing by e-government and ICT development in the world (and in particular in Asia and the Pacific); ii) to share best practices of e-government for disaster risk management and enhance peer-to-peer learning; iii) to build up a strong CIO network and set up the mechanism/platform for sharing experiences and knowledge transfer with focus on innovative e-practices for sustainable development; and iv) to explore effective ways including soliciting more funding support to enhance capacity building for developing countries in the region. The workshop will consist in two days of presentations and panel discussions and one day of field visits.

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