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Fossil Fuel to Renewable Energy (FFRE) Transition Workshop for Indian Ocean and African SIDS
12-16 May 2014
The UN Office for Sustainable Development contributes to building, exchanging and facilitating the use of knowledge in support of transitions to sustainability. UNOSD specialises on mapping, connecting and improving exchange of knowledge resources, providing advices to Member States and the broader policy communities on sharing and applying such resources, and conducting research and capacity development in sustainability transitions.

As part of its work plan and in response to a request from the Mauritius Prime Minister�s Office, UNOSD is supporting the organisation of a capacity building workshop on Fossil Fuel and Renewable Energy (FFRE) transition policies. The one-week workshop will be hosted in Mauritius on 12-16 May 2014 for the benefits of policy-makers of about ten island states, mostly from the Indian Ocean basin. The event will also provide the opportunity to develop a FFRE capacity building and collaborative policy making methodology, to be re-used with other thematic or regional groups of countries. Furthermore, it will provide case studies to inform ongoing UNOSD research on the political economy of policy reforms.

This capacity-building process is particular timely, for both Member State governments and UNOSD, as a strong momentum is building within the UN System and green economy industry to accelerate the transition to low-emission, renewable energy sources. While UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, taking in Davos to global political and economic leaders this January, repeated his call to mitigate climate change through energy transitions, both Jim Yong Kim, World Bank President, and Christiana Figueres, UNFCCC Executive Secretary, warned investors of the imminent risk to fossil-fuel assets as regulators and economies steadily move to a post-carbon era. This highlights the need for developing countries, in SIDS and elsewhere, to anticipate and benefit from this trend, minimising their dependence on fossil fuels and maximising the impact of early planning and investments.

The Mauritius FFRE event, along with the concepts, methodology and future activities of the FFRE workshop series, were presented at a side event of the 3rd UN Conference on Small Island Developing States, Samoa, 4th September 2014. Click here for a flyer of the event.

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Post-Workshop Documents

Preparatory Documents
Reading List

Day 1 - Introduction to Subsidy Reforms and Energy Transition
  • Speech by Dr YOON Jong Soo, Head of UNOSD.
Session 1 - Linking Sustainable Development to Fossil Fuel Subsidies
Session 2 - Introduction to Energy Transition Policies

Day 2 - The Political Economy of Energy Policies
Session 4 - Stakeholder Interests in Fossil Fuels and Energy

Day 3 - Field Visits
  • Field visits of FFRE-related sites at the Gandhian Basic School, Midlands hydroelectric power station, Mare Chicose landfill gas-to-energy power plant, Omnicane integrated biomass energy plant, Sarako photovoltaic farm, and RT Knits factory.
  • Please visit and add pictures on the event''s UNOSD Facebook album.

Day 4 - Designing Robust FFRE Policies
Session 5 - Country-specific Considerations for Energy Transition
Session 6 - FFRE Knowledge Management, Capacity and Communication
Special Session - The Global Subsidy Initiative
Session 7 - Designing Robust and Feasible FFRE Policies

Day 5 - Developing Robust and Feasible FFRE Policies
Session 8 - Policy Proposal and Action Plans
  • No written material.
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