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Fall 2017

Ms. Dajung Kim is currently at her last semester of master's program in Green Business and Policy from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). Before starting masters, based on her bachelor's degree on electrical engineering and business administration, she had 5 years of experience with oil and gas industry as an engineer. She chose to move into more sustainable development and policy related career to be able to assist the developing countries. Her interests are energy industry, long-term policy planning, green finance for infrastructure development, and knowledge sharing. During this internship program, she expects to utilize her skills and experience to countries and organizations in need.

Mr. Marcel Okorie was born and raised in Ghana. Marcel graduated in August 2017 from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul with a Masters in International Affairs. His graduate thesis was based on the effectiveness of foreign aid to the development of especially sub-Saharan African countries. Coming from a developing country and garnering experiences through research on developmental topics, he hopes to further his career at an international organisation that engages in development. He hopes to have a fruitful three months of internship and contribute effectively to the organisation achieve its goals.

Mr. Sascha Brumm is from Munich, Germany. With a growing interest in sustainability he studied the M.Sc. Environmental Psychology at the University of Surrey where he graduated in September 2017. Sascha looks forward to contributing to the internship with his experience in management consulting, entrepreneurship and the psychology of sustainable behavior as well as his focus on the environmental, economic and social impacts of animal agriculture. He is excited to further his knowledge in sustainable development on an international scale.

Ms. Rachida Benabbou is a Ph.D. student in Urban Planning and Design at the University of Seoul, Republic of Korea. She graduated as an Architect with a Masters degree in green architecture from the National School of Architecture in Morocco. Her interest focuses on the global issues of sustainability and how to integrate sustainable development goals in our cities and surrounding living environment. She participated in various research projects in sustainable development related topics. Through this program she hopes to have a deeper understanding of sustainability issues at an international scale and actively contribute to the organization.

Summer 2017

Ms. Jaryeong Kim is currently a senior at the University of California, Berkeley majoring in Political Economy with a concentration in International Development. Among many realms in the development sphere, her growing interest in sustainable development encouraged her to join UNOSD. She is excited to contribute to UNOSD's work and the Sustainable Development Goals and learn more about how UN organizations operate.

Ms. Crystal Chow is a graduate from Simon Fraser University with a bachelor degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Finance and Management Information System. Her research experience in technology innovation and renewable energy projects through the UNV program has deepened her understanding on SDGs and UN's work nature. In the future, she would like develop her career in social entrepreneurship to bridge the gaps in transforming societies through emerging technology innovations. She is excited to join UNOSD to learn how countries and various sectors collaborate to support the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

Ms. Yunyoung Choi was born and lived in Korea. She studied Visual Communication Design in Inha University; double majoring in Business Administration. She has participated in youth-related educational activities at the university where she built her interest in sustainable development. She is particularly interested in Corporate Sustainability Management and long- term social planning in relation to her major and she wants to find a way to contribute to the society. During the 3 months UNOSD internship, she hopes to gain knowledge on sustainable development and see how SDGs are being applied in the real world.

Spring 2017

Ms. Sohyun Kim was born and raised in Korea. Recently, she has graduated from the bachelor's program in Marine Science& Convergent technology and Civil & Environment technology at Hanyang University. By doing double major, she could broaden her knowledge not only in marine environment but also in water, atmosphere and waste area. When she attended IEETP (International Environment Expert Training program) hosted by Ministry of Environment in Republic of Korea, where she could acquire knowledge in relations to SDGs. Through which she realized importance of SDGs and became interested in sustainable development. As an intern at UNOSD, she hopes to understand better of SDGs and contribute to sustainable development especially focused on water-related goals.

Mr. Chung Hyun (Patrick) Kim attends Ghent University Global Campus, and is planning on taking the Environmental Technologies path in his next endeavor. He hopes that with experience gained from the internship, as well as the knowledge gained from his degree, he can positively influence the world by being more environmentally conscious in everyday life and to promote the responsible use of Earth's limited resources. During the internship opportunity at UNOSD, Patrick seeks to improve his time management skills in a workplace environment, while contributing towards the goal of sustainable development worldwide with environmental consequences of human actions in mind.

Mr. Byungjun Chang was born in South Korea. He is currently taking bachelor's degree in Technological System Management (TSM) in State University of New York at Stony Brook. He is mostly interested in history and national politics. His major deals with academic information in various social industries, and he has written research papers analyzing social problems in the environmental and construction industry. He has also taken specialization courses, like Computer Science (CS) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). His major goal during the UNOSD internship program is to contribute to the establishment of ethics and looking for solutions to environmental and poverty issues at the global level. During the internship program in UNOSD, he wishes to apply his academic knowledge to take part in SDGs.

Fall 2016
Mr. Malte Welling has recently graduated from the Master's Program in Economics and Philosophy at the London School of Economics. Before, he studied economics at the LMU Munich. Besides acquiring economic and statistical knowledge in his studies and as a research assistant in Munich, he deepened his understanding of sustainable development with interdisciplinary studies: In specialization classes he learned about the inter linkages between the economy, the environment, inequalities and poverty. As an intern at a policy think tank in Berlin, he researched how sustainable policies in transport, energy and resource use can tackle challenges like climate change. At UNOSD, he hopes to contribute to the work for the Sustainable Development Agenda with this combination of economics and interdisciplinary perspectives on sustainability.

Ms. Hyunji Lee was born and raised in Korea. She is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Management at Georg-August-University of Gottingen, Germany. Her academic specializations are Resource and Energy Management and Human Resource Management. She is especially interested in sustainable entrepreneurship, social enterprise, green economy and diversity management. During her Bachelor's program, she was involved in various sustainable and social business projects as a member for Enactus Group. As an intern at UNOSD, she hopes to contribute to sustainable development with her knowledge on management and passion in green business. She is looking forward to learning how UNOSD realizes the SDGs on national and sub-national levels and how people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds cooperate to achieve the SDGs.

Ms. Vedanti Kelkar is from India and she is trained as an architect from the University of Mumbai. Back home she worked with architectural, real estate and environmental firms on projects ranging from affordable housing, slum rehabilitation and resource conservation through adaptive design for over four years. This helped her gather insight on diverse aspects of development projects across multiple platforms. Presently, she is enrolled in a Masters Program at the Seoul National University in the Republic of Korea. She majors in Landscape Architecture with a specialization in Urban Design and Planning. Her research focuses on investigating the impact of Green City Design criteria's on the urban form and the user experience of Eco-cities and their impact on the larger sustenance of urban communities. For this study, she undertook the case of the New Songdo city in South Korea and critically analyzed the efficiency of Transit Oriented and Mixed Use development. As an intern at UNOSD, she hopes to learn more about the SDGs focusing on sustainable cities and communities as well as understand more about the targets to build resilient infrastructure to foster innovation through sustainable actions.

Summer 2016
Ms. Daniya Murtazina is from Kazakhstan with Bachelor degree in Information Systems in Kazakhstan and currently in a Masters Program in Global e-Governance. Through a range of comprehensive courses, including Sustainable e-Business Seminar and Introduction to e-Governance, she has built strong passion towards e-Governance, MIS, e-commerce; and interest in solving problems such as digital gaps, formulating the Smart e-Government strategies and demand in smart, more mobile, personalize robust social safety net. She hopes to contribute to Sustainable development through her ICT expertise.

Mr. Jongwoo Moon is an MA candidate in International Relations and International Economics at Johns Hopkins SAIS. After his bachelor degree in Business Administration from Korea University, he participated in various research projects in sustainable development related topics, such as Climate change, Energy, and Economic transition, as a research assistant. Also, his internship at Ernst & Young in Climate Change and Sustainability team for six months helped him to realize the importance of three pillars of sustainable development. For the next two months, he hopes to see and learn how UNOSD facilitates the exchange of knowledge resources for supporting developing countries.

Ms. Yerin Yang is from Seoul, South Korea and is currently a senior at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire; double majoring in government and psychology with a special interest in international relations and social welfare policies She is academically interested in exploring how technological innovations in the environment complicates and aids our understanding of international affairs and sustainable development. Upon graduation, she hopes to work for an international NGO or a research institute. As a UNOSD intern she hopes to gain literacy in sustainable development issues as well as a better understanding of how NGOs operate on a day-to-day basis.

Ms. Mi Rae Kim was born and raised in Korea. As a senior student in Stony Brook University majoring in TSM (Technological Systems Management) and specializing in ICT (Information and Communications Technologies, she joined the career exchange program. The diverse related courses with her major such as Technology Assessment, Sustainability and Web design encouraged her to join UNOSD as an IT Assistant. Through the program, she hopes to earn a deeper understanding of development issues specifically on the field of sustainability, and hopes to use her diverse academic IT knowledge.

Mr. Seongho Yun will earn his bachelors degree in Political Science and International Studies at Incheon National University in 2017. With the internship at Union Network International Asia Pacific Regional Organization (UNI APRO) in Singapore, he developed his interest in sustainable development based on fairer society. He also conducted an ASEAN-related research entitled "What Impact does the ASEAN Economic Community have on Korea?" In his paper, he stressed the importance of inclusive and predictable society to achieve sustainable development in dealing with immigrant labor issues. He looks forward to contributing to the work of UNOSD through this career exchange program.
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